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Home Groups

The Acts of the Apostles

Sunday evenings @6:00pm

contact Pastor Tim @ (760) 562-6227

Men’s Bible study

Friday mornings @7:30am

contact Rick Holdridge @ (575) 494-5611

Promise land living (book of Joshua) Wednesday evenings @6:31pm

contact Pastor Duffy @ (817) 657-9361

Youth group

Wednesday evenings @ 6:31pm

contact Pastor Jerran  @ 214.543.8423

Daniel Plan: living life with God

Thursday mornings @8:00am

Contact Neima Higuera @ (575) 545-7844

Ecclesiastes women’s Bible study

Friday evenings @ 5:30pm

Contact: Flo Roque @ (575) 494-4537

Join us on Sunday to stay connected!